Privacy Policy

We agree not to sell, market, or otherwise give your personal information to third parties so that they can spam, scam, and harass you.


  • We will not sell your information, including your e-mail address, to any third party for any reason at all. We will send your information to the vendor so that they can honor your purchase but not your e-mail address or phone number unless the vendor needs to contact you in order to honor your deal.

  • We will not disclose your purchase history or any other trackable information to any third party. We may disclose in the aggregate what people buy - when we do that it will be obvious and up front on the site. For example, we may say that 100 people bought a particular deal but not that you did, except in your profile where only you can see it.

You agree that:

  • When you enter information into your account profile it is okay for us to use it to process your orders and other internal purposes.

  • If you send us feedback or comments we will only make these public with your consent. If you make comments or feedback in a forum or comments area on the site, those comments may obviously be seen publicly.